Protecting your privacy is very important to us; this is how we ensure that your data remains private
OWise and your privacy
As a Research and Development organisation, Px HealthCare’s goal is to improve the treatment of breast cancer. Our thorough medical research uses patient-reported outcome data to generate insights into how different cancer patients respond to treatments, how this can be improved, and how new cancer treatments and diagnostic tools may be developed.

Px HealthCare takes the protection of privacy and user data very seriously. To achieve this the Px for Life Foundation has been established to manage and protect user data. User data is applied only in a fully anonymised and aggregated format for medical research purposes, and is treated in accordance with the most recent privacy protection regulations as required by by the General Data Protection Regulation​ (GDPR) on the protection of personal data (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

As mentioned above it is extremely important that you choose a username that can in no way be used to identify you individually. For example, do not use your name, surname or address as part of your username. Px HealthCare has systems in place to avoid coming into direct contact with any information that could lead to your identification. The e-mail address that you use to sign in to OWise is one-way encrypted: it is visible to you but it is stored as a scrambled code on the OWise computer system. With the exception of e-mails that are sent to you regarding registration, to update or reset your password (when requested by you), Px HealthCare will never contact you by e-mail. Any messages to you will be sent through the inbox in the OWise app and website.

If you are certain that you will never want to use your OWise account again you can request us to delete your account. This includes all the details that you have ever entered, including all information, photos and audio recordings. Once deleted this information will not be accessible anymore. Also, you have the right to have your data exported so that you may use this in another way. Please contact us at to make these requests.

In a completely anonymous way and as part of a large patient population, some of the details entered by you into the OWise app and/or website will be used for medical research. These details are: Together, this information is referred to as treatment data. All other information you enter into OWise will not be used for research. It is doubly encrypted and only accessible to you. This includes: It is up to you to decide with whom you share your information. You can do this by printing out your details to discuss with your doctor or nurse. Or you can e-mail them to your treating clinician ahead of an appointment. Be aware that these are personal details and that you should not share them indiscriminately.

Further examples of security measures that have been taken include: Medical research
Medical research conducted by Px HealthCare is focused on patient-reported outcomes related to cancer treatments and may include research into: Px HealthCare aims to share insights obtained from the fully anonymised and grouped user data with other medical research parties. These third parties may be non-profit (such as hospitals or academic research centres) or for-profit (such as pharmaceutical or diagnostic companies) organisations. All shared insights and data are applied to advance medical research in order to improve the clinical outcomes of cancer treatment.

If you have questions or comments regarding the protection of your privacy or the use of your treatment data to advance medical research, please contact us at

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